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We’re a University of Johannesburg project. We’re from the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment; Centre for Collaborative Digital Networks. We’re working with a global NGO – Bayoom Hub (


We’re here to bring the outside world into the community and to help the outside world understand the strengths and challenges of the community. We want to demonstrate how networks can help communities with helpful information and links to resources. We’re testing our project in four communities in South Africa – urban, rural, Gauteng, KZN, Mpumalanga and the Western Cape.


Our goal is to train some people on digital skills and hope, eventually, these skills will spread. We’ll begin with training a few teachers and some unemployed youth. To show how these networks can work, we’ll ask the community to tell us what challenges they have. Then, we’ll show them how to use networks to help with these challenges. Thus, we’ll also involve community leaders.

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